life's a joke.
and i'm not laughing anymore.

Joon "Vincent" Son.
18 years old.
Gotham City.

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"Yeah, I get it," she smiled a bit, offering her hand to him. He had a point. While there were plenty of wealthy citizens in Gotham, a great majority of them were from other states or countries and traveled here for business purposes."Brooke Wayne. It’s nice to meet you too."

    “Wayne? As in Wayne Enterprises?” Now if what he was believing she meant was true, that would be crazy. He had only heard about the company, yet nothing about the owner.



      “If I had a nickel for each
       time I heard that, I wouldn’t
       have t’mooch off of Batman…
       No, I’m really not kidding.”

   ”Okay, well I’ll tell you that
    I haven’t seen a horse, but
    I also don’t fully believe you.
    I’ll help you look for this horse
    if you want the extra eyes. I
    just want to see this for myself.”


     "I’m just glad I’m not the
     only one getting lost in this city.”
Glancing towards the males outstretched hand
Tony raised his hand from its position at his
side to shake hands quickly before letting go.
Keeping his hands free. A habit he’d acquired through
training; needing at least one hand
free to draw a sword and defend himself.
Not that the other seemed like a threat.
He was the first person Tony had
encountered in Gotham who shared
his lack of familiarity with the city maze.
        “Though it’s obvious we’re both
      useless when it comes to navigation.
      Where you trying to get to, Vincent?” 


    “This place is a maze. I was
    a little bit worried that maybe
    I was just stupid while every-
    one was figuring their way
    around so easily.”
This guy was quick to shake his hand
and quick to let go. His movements 
flowed as well, and that was quite the
surprise. Joon had once been that way,
still was, but liked to hide that skill. It
could give away his real identity any
day if someone were to notice it. So
here he was, clumsy and scrawny.
   ”Oh, I live in Gotham City. I
    guess I fell asleep on the
    train home after work and 
   missed my stop. How about


     Gotham? Wally’s dealt with his fair
     share of lost tourists but—wow.

     Despite his best efforts, the speedster
     can’t keep the incredulous snort from
     escaping. Whoops.

           ”Dude. You’re in Missouri.”


           ”Please tell me you’re on a cross-country
            road trip or something. And not like, some
            poor guy that accidentally fell asleep on
            public transit and missed his stop—”

     Wally almost forgets to answer the stranger’s

           ”—aaannd you’re about a thousand or so miles

     Gee, that must be reassuring. He’s starting to
     feel a little bad here.


For now that was all Joon could think to say.
Or do. It was more of a sound than actual
coherent words.

He took a deep breath, taking a look around them. 
This guy wasn’t wrong about the situation. He had 
simply taking the public transport home from work
and ended up crashing was all. He must have took
an eight hour nap - more like deep sleep - to have
ended up in Missouri. 

   ”Great. Well, that’s actually what happened to me. Considering
    how late it is I’m pretty sure I will not be getting home tonight
    with the trains stopping. I have work tomorrow…”



     There was something about this guy that felt off. But she couldn’t put a name to it. It wasn’t anything in particular that he was saying or doing that made her get this feeling. But it was something about the air to him, maybe she was thinking too hard on it and it was just her being overly wary of her powers. Still…she needed to rely on interaction to meet a verdict, not intuition.

     "Or the superheroes around here. Wouldn’t want to get tangled up with Batman, Robin or Frostbite.” Was it a bit egotistical to fit herself in with the big leagues? Probably- but she wanted the news to spread about her work as a hero some way or another. Not like she had a connection or anything.

   Oh, I’ve learned my lesson with Batman. Gotten past him plenty of times, sure, and his Robin. But I’m seriously regretting that now. "Yeah, I mean, those guys are pretty tough. Though I’m surprised the Joker and everyone is still running around Gotham. You’d think they’d have stopped those goons by now…" He said this, but he was still trying to figure out how he wasn’t behind bars yet. 

   ”Frostbite?” He replied, cocking his head to the side. That name sounded familiar. He Sure, he knew Batman and Robin, but he never associated it with Frostbite. Maybe they had fought, one time or another. “Hm, I think she’s pretty awesome. She kicks ass.” My ankle hurt like a bitch for a week.



          | | ✞ | | ;; “Well…it could be about magic or mythology, though I doubt it.” As if it were ever that easy. Finding the emblem could take months. Sad thing about it is that she couldn’t even ask for help in finding it. She’s one of the only people who’d even be able to see it.

   ”Oh, we have a section just for that! It’s upstairs.” Coincidentally his favorite section of the entire store. He loved mythology. There was something about it that just pulled him in, no matter what it was. "Would you know what it looked like at least if I brought you up there?"


"Yeah, peace serum is more common than you would think. I’ve had to be on it a few times just this month. It’s a weird feeling. You want to get angry, but you can’t. You’re just all happy and bubbly and it’s just weird." She shook her head. "It’s disgusting. So, the other factions don’t have it?"

   ”That’s.. oddly disturing. This is Amity, right? Or am I in the wrong faction right now? I thought you were all supposed to be naturally peaceful.” The boy pushed his glasses up his face to make sure he hadn’t mistaken where he was. What a strange piece of information to attain. Why he hadn’t known that earlier was the strange part, really. “No, we don’t. Dauntless relies on pure bravery. It’s not something some serum can give you.”

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