life's a joke.
and i'm not laughing anymore.

Joon "Vincent" Son.
18 years old.
Gotham City.

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                   ❝Oh, I’m sorry! I just—wanted to look.”

                           It was her first time in a bookstore,
                           after all. Twenty-two years holed up
                           in a mansion with nothing other than
                           the family library had her taste in
                           literature a little confined to classics.

   ”Oh, that’s fine!” 

It was strange that she walked in.
Most people around here knew the
closing time, but he couldn’t blame her.
What was also strange was the scarf
covering most of her face. It wasn’t
that cold outside, was it?

   ”Is it your first time here?”



     ”Actually, yes. It shouldn’t take long, if
      you don’t mind? I’m looking for a bathroom.”

    “It’s funny that I feel I need to have an apology
     along with my answer. It’s in the far back, sort
     of hidden among the shelves of books. Sorry,
      this place is kind of strange.”



Sorryuh y’got Monsters ?? 

   ”As in a book about monsters?
    Or are you hunting them?”

;;Initiate Training - empatheticwinter



     Okay, so far he was right. Her methods were a bit over predictable. But she was glad that he saw potential in her. At least it proved she wasn’t just some blunt girl with a smart mouth trying to overstep her boundaries.

    Though in retrospect, that is exactly what she was. Just some girl trying to prove to herself that she was more than what she was raised to be. She could become whatever she wanted, and she decided to take the hard path to do so.

     Erika stretched a little bit and wrung her wrists a bit to loosen up a little. Alright, she was going to do this the way he instructed. This time she was staring him down, her eyes looking into his. Trying to keep focused, then adjusting her stance and throwing her fist to the mid of his chest.

    Joon watched her get ready, readying himself for impact. He knew that this time he wouldn’t be able to catch her, which was good. He had no doubt about her, which was also good. It was nice to feel that way about a person once in awhile. With all the initiates he had been with he never really found someone he thought had a lot of potential. 

    He put himself into a defense position and watched her eyes. They did not leave his, and suddenly a sharp twinge of pain hit his chest. A good punch, and not where he was expecting to be punched. Joon stumbled back a bit, lifting his hand to his chest with a grin. “So I wasn’t wrong, you can hit harder than others I’ve met.”

   The initiate looked around before thinking of even introducing himself. It was better to be safe than sorry. “Just keep that tactic in mind and I think your results will boost. I’m Joon, by the way,” he said, sticking his hand out to her.


     ”Exactly. Think of it like that. Caterpillars
      need to grow before the receive their 

She found herself smiling towards

    “It’ll happen - trust me. Sometimes you
     will know when it may happen and then
     other times you won’t. I suppose it is the
     ’beauty of life’.”


     ”I’m not sure where I am headed. I don’t
      have a home anymore to be honest so 
      I am looking. What’s Gotham? ”

     ”Yes, so that’s what I’m waiting for! I’m still
      a sad little caterpillar, those they have good
      and bad qualities just as butterflies do. They’ve
      just got to accept them for now.

Joon dug his hands in his pockets and laughed,
shaking his head. She was pleasant to talk to, he
couldn’t deny. He wanted to say inspirational, but
that sounds a bit weird. Kind? Has good things to
say? He wasn’t sure how else to describe it.

    “The beauty of lie? No matter how hard it is to see
     I guess we all have to see it at some point, right?”

Her words puzzled him. She didn’t… have any home?

    “Gotham is a city. Not one to mess with, honestly. But…
    are you saying you haven’t got any place to go? For
    shelter or anything?”




    “I’m not tiny. I’m Manly…

                        Back home - In California.”

    “Well I hate to break it to you but
     this isn’t California like most of us
      here wish it was. In Gotham, even
      legal adults like me are considered
       the smallest creatures.”


He gave a small chuckle, shrugging. “Well, yeah, it’s pretty bad when wet. But, you know, I gotta run fast, and I need something I can move in.” He paused, looking the other boy over again, frowning slightly to himself. He shook his head a moment later. He thought he looked familiar, but he could be wrong.

"Do you mean you can’t move in jeans or like sweatpants? I don’t know. Personally, I’d be self conscious. But then again you seem pretty buff and stuff. I’d look like a skeleton or something," he laughed. "Sweatpants would be my choice of run wear." When he shook his head, Joon’s mind twinged with worry. Hopefully he wouldn’t recognize the ex-villain.

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"Yeah, I get it," she smiled a bit, offering her hand to him. He had a point. While there were plenty of wealthy citizens in Gotham, a great majority of them were from other states or countries and traveled here for business purposes."Brooke Wayne. It’s nice to meet you too."

    “Wayne? As in Wayne Enterprises?” Now if what he was believing she meant was true, that would be crazy. He had only heard about the company, yet nothing about the owner.

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