life's a joke.
and i'm not laughing anymore.

Joon "Vincent" Son.
18 years old.
Gotham City.

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❝ That’s   awfully   kind  of  ya’ to 
            offer.      So…uh,        yeah! 
            man and thanks againIt’s  
            not everyday y’ get to meet
            someone as generous as
            you out ‘ere in the city. Heh, 
            come   to   think of it; you’re 
            probably th’ only one around.

       The outlander peers toward
            said     coordinates.     Hefty 
            brows    fleetingly    ascend

            through his own perception.

❝ Not   like   there’s   anything   t’ 
            complain about, right? The
            uh, grub’s great; atmosphe-
            re’s calm; what more could
            one possibly ask for?

That wasn’t something Joon heard too
often. But nevertheless he smiled. It felt
good to be thanks for once. He had to ke-
ep doing nice things anyways.

    “It’s no problem, seriously. Even the nicest people
     in a city can be the strangest, so I wouldn’t believe
     everyone you meet around here. But I guess that’s 
     just the human race, huh?”

Joon took a peek inside himself, catch-
ing sight of what was going on. What
a busy place it was.

    “Probably just for faster food I guess. I mean, the 
     line is long and the food is hauling out slowly.”



She opened her mouth with the intention
of explaining how showing fake weakness
was the key to other tactics, how making
yourself seem vulnerable made the other
feel they had the upper hand.  It caused
them to drop their guard and then playing
them like a chess piece became too easy.
Something caused her to shut her mouth
right back though, as if holding on to her
information was vital.

         ”Then stop.  Especially with me, you’re not
          going to get anything by doing so… and I’m
          assuming you mean my name?  It’s Caitlyn.
          Though I tend to go by Cat.”

The brunette pulled her eyes along over him,
inspecting the way his mouth seemed to
curve into that grin almost unnaturally.  Like
he was being forced to do it.  It was odd, but
she wasn’t going to argue with him if he had
the need to keep doing it.

     ”I can’t just stop. Smiling is far too natural for me
     by now. Even if I was at a funeral for a loved one
     I would smile. It’s hard not to.”

He didn’t mean to sound like an arse, but
he was telling the truth. That’s what Joker’s
Venom did to you, and by becoming immune
to it was to make it part of your being. He had
overdosed, but he hadn’t died. 

    “Cat. It suits you. You sure seemed to act like one,
     and I mean that in a good way. You can just call
     me Vincent. I prefer it.”



Slip up? It wasn’t like she was someone struggling
with a drug addiction. This as MASS MURDER 
something that shouldn’t happen once let alone
twice. But, apparently it had, and now she was caked
up to her arms in blood that would never wash off. 

It wasn’t until he offered his hand to her did Carrie
notice she’d been shaking. Her mind was screaming
at her, trying to tell her this wasn’t her, but who else
would it be?  It took her a bit after prom to fully
remember what she’d done — this was most likely
the same.

"O—okay." There was a long pause as green eyes
focused on the part of the area that wasn’t bloody.
"Why — why are you not afraid?" Most people would
call the cops or run for their lives. 

At her question, Joon actually had to think for a moment.
Usually he would reply with something terribly witty, but
this time nothing of the sort came to mind. It wasn’t really
the time to joke around, though it could lighten this mood.

He looked from his hand to to his feet, then back to the 
girl. She looked awful right now, but it wasn’t the blood
on her that made her so. She looked frightened, unaware,
confused. Any one would be really if they had just done 
what she had. He wasn’t even sure what she had done
himself but he wasn’t a about to guess. He would leave
that to later.

      “Let’s just say that… I’ve done some things I’m not too proud
       of and they’ve ended up in settings similar to this one. So I
       know how you feel. You’re human, and humans can be scary,
       but you aren’t one of those scary ones.”


When his sentence trailed off, Bliss tilted her
head a bit, waiting to hear how he would
finish the answer.  At the sudden appearance
of his tongue, she grinned, giving him a nod.

     ”It’s not as crazy as the media makes them
       seem.  At least not the kinds that Shania is
       in and I did.  But they were still awful and I’m
       happy I no longer have to compete in them.”

If the pageants she had done had been anything
like what she saw on those dumb TV shows, then
Bliss probably would have given up on trying to
please her mother long ago.  Being in those giant,
sparkly, fruffy outfits would have been a nightmare.
An inward shudder at the mere thought.

     ”…What do you mean?  I know it’s got some crime
      trouble.  Is it really all that bad?”


She seemed like a generally nice person. Happy with
herself, even if it was in the slightest. It was nice to see
she could laugh or smile without any hesitation. In this
city that was rare, but considering she was only a visitor
made him sad. It would have been nice to have someone
like such around.

      “So you did them too? Not to offend, but you seem like you’re
       not one to do them. Too… cool? That’s not the right word. I’m
       not sure how to describe it. But it’s good that you’re out of them
       if they didn’t make you particularly happy.”

Doing things that weren’t  for the good of yourself was
something that Joon was trying to stay out of. He had 
been doing that for too long without actually realizing
what he had been doing had made him upset. 

     ”I’m sure that in regular places crime isn’t particularly regular. 
      In Gotham it feels more daily than anything, and it causes a
      lot of problems. One of them being death doesn’t make the 
      city a great tourist attraction, but some people seem to thirst
       for adventure.” 



◌◌◌  [ℋ ❀ ℒ] 
                           "Exactly! Everyone has their own style, and that’s
                           pretty impressive.” Aiko replied, folding her arms,
                           before she laughed. “Well, I’m glad I could be of
                           some help narrowing down that to-do list of yours.” 

     ”The world is full of interesting people. You just have to 
      find them, I suppose. I mean, even if I find myself pretty
      boring there are cool things about everyone.” Joon shru-
      gged his shoulders are the thought. He actually wasn’t too
      boring if you considered the past ten years of his life.
      “So do you live in this city?”

    The times he was off the job were times he felt were dull. Joon never knew how good it felt to be the one trying to do the right thing for a change. The police business was exciting and doing exactly what he wanted to do for years now since he had left the crime business - pay off his debt to Gotham by protecting it. He had never felt so good.

    But everyone had to take a break, even if he didn’t want one. His boss and coworkers pleaded him to take one after so much overtime and late nights. Here he was, walking down the dark streets of Gotham out to grab himself a bite at the diner with a little bit of patrolling on the side. 

    It was growing colder and the streets on this side of the city were practically empty. Joon had never been one to do things early. He dug his hands into his pockets to keep them warm and stared up at the star-less sky from how many lights the city used. He could see his own breath and it made him smile. It was a small hint that he was still alive, and every time something reminded him of that it made him happy. “Joker’s probably still on my ass,” he muttered to himself, “but that won’t take me down so soon.”




      “Sounds like a no-nonsense
      owner. You are very lucky,
The impatience in the area was running high.
Already, other potential customers were ditching
the scene and breaking off from the line. It didn’t
take five minutes for them to figure out that there
was no hope.
      “Absolutely. Let’s go!”

   ”Oh, he is. Even if I consider him a friend
    sometimes he’s scary enough to make me
    want to shit my pants.”

He wasn’t lying at least. Mr. Huang was
a busy and ill-tempered man. To be on
his good side was a blessing if you really
loved Chinese take-out.

  “All right! I’m seriously craving a vanilla milk-
  shake anyways. McDonald’s is the best for that.”

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